“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” – Marc Anthony

If that sounds like the stuff of Facebook memes, it is, and it no doubt graces many office walls and whiteboards, as well. But while doing what you love sounds wonderful and romantic, getting there can be pretty damn daunting.

Maybe you grew up in a  home where you watched your parents work day in and day out to make ends meet. Just so they could enjoy two weeks off a year at the campground each summer.

Maybe you went off to college and now you feel trapped in a job you don’t love. You’d like to change course, but what about all those student loans?

Here’s another dilemma for those who feel as if they’re “working for the weekend” and not pursuing their passions: How can you even know what you want to be when you grow up?

Sound familiar?

The truth is, there are millions of people out there who live life wanting & wishing they could fill the void, knowing there is more, hoping one day to find what really inspires them. If that’s you, then rest assured, you are not alone. 

But know this, too: There is still time to discover your passion and start doing the work you love.


A simple, straight forward mini course created to help you go from feeling stuck, to seamlessly aligning you to your purpose.

Here's what you'll get

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This is a transformation meditation to help aid in centering you to your core alignment & purpose.


An advanced meditation, to reach your light center to harness new confidence through your purpose of self. 

Passion Training & PDF

A module from one of my best selling courses, I share the discovery of passion and how you too can add it with purpose.



Hey HEY, I'm Danielle Aime

I am an intuitive mindset & business strategist that guides women to become fearless, daring, spirits in their life & business.

I help purpose-driven soulpreneurs find their magic spot to become profitable in business without losing passion and purpose.

I’ve been in the online business world since 2008, and what I didn’t have for the first 7 years was a plan. I spent endless hours learning about sh*t that didn’t matter. I spent lots of money, simply because I thought “That’s what you do!”.  

I built courses that took me many weeks and long nights to build, only to not sell a single one. I know what it’s like to talk to an audience without them hearing a word and to feel like I’m drowning myself in the ‘sea of the same’ market. 

Coming from the ground up is hard. Figuring out what you need to know and not know when you feel like you don’t know ANYTHING is overwhelming and feels completely daunting.  

I challenge you to challenge yourself, to discover yourself in a whole new way, to forge your path built on your truth rather than a path created for you by others.
It’s your time to shine.

“Trying to find the words for her programs, is difficult, because they are just so amazing. What I can say is that she helps you reconnect with yourself in amazing ways, it is truly life changing. If you’re ready for change, she will assist you so beautifully and authentically.  Danielle is an authentic, supportive, caring advisor that can help get you where you’re wanting to go and where you’re meant to go.”


This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

“Danielle Aime…..words seem so tiny so, I am also setting the intention that you feel this in your heart when you read it. I am so absolutely thankful for you and whatever beautiful weird twist of fate it was that brought me in your orbit with all these absolutely stunning people. I have been feeling myself shift and going through spiritual growth pains. After last week’s healing, I feel so much more balanced.”


Danielle's guidance has been spot on... inspirational and realistic. Mostly though, her ability to get you to see things for yourself, begin to un-layer and understand yourself, dig deeper into yourself.... is such a huge gift.
Ashley Dawson
Danielle's content seems to always find you in the perfect timing and it is exactly what you needed to hear. She can help you understand feelings you couldn’t even put into words yourself and give you guidance for immense personal growth.
Kelly Messenger

“I’ve bought other courses in the past that just didn’t live up to their promises, but this course is different. Danielle has a different perspective because she is the real deal, honest and gives it to you straight (no BS or fluff from her). She has helped me identify my limiting beliefs and move past them. She has opened my eyes to what’s been holding me back and has taught me so much about self-love. Thank you Danielle!”


Time Is Of The Essence

This $7 price is a test, and since I’m running a business, too… you better believe I’ll be raising the price…SOON.
If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.
You can do something different right now by investing a few bucks in the same system that has taken women from ho-hum lives to finally living a life that is more fulfilling and filled with passion and purpose. 
The choice is yours. 

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